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Imagine having complete confidence in your pelvic floor

  • No worries about leaks when you cough or sneeze
  • Able to get to the toilet in time
  • Enjoying your sports, hobbies, running & time with your family
  • Feeling you have a strong supported and healthy core

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Professional advice and useful tips for fixing pelvic floor problems TODAY. How To Guides. Gadget, Kit & Book Reviews . Signposts to reliable resources.


Clear videos:

Easiest way to learn at home: cover the essential anatomy  and a variety of exercises.  


Pelvic Floor Pilates:

Join Amanda’s ProPelvic online Pilates classes. Thursdays 6pm or Saturdays 9.30am.


Personal support:

For total clarity & confidence book a physiotherapy session with Amanda at her clinic near Cambridge.

About me

Hello. My name is Amanda Savage. I’m a physiotherapist who specialises in helping women of all ages find and train their pelvic floor & core. This will help problems like bladder or bowel leakage, pelvic organ prolapse, postnatal recovery and pelvic or vaginal pain.

My ProPelvic articles and videos bring you detailed clear advice & practical skills from my clinic & classes. Reliable resources that you can trust & follow to feel better TODAY.


YOU CAN make a difference to your body once you are working on the right things at home.


If your problem is complicated, or you would like more personalised help,  book a physiotherapy session at my clinic near Cambridge. Or join my online pilates classes for regular support.

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for new mums, menopause, pelvic organ prolapse, bladder & bowel control

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