ProPelvic Tips

For Mums

Just had a baby? Reliable expert physio advice: how to look after YOUR bottom, care for your caesarean scar, do your postnatal exercises correctly (and in the right order), sit on a hard chair, have a comfortable poo & get your mojo back....

Everyone Should Know This

Information for everyone: how much should you drink (& how often should you go to the loo)? Should you read a book on the toilet? Why do tampons go sideways...

Gadgets & Kit

Do you love a bit of tech? But wondering what to use? In depth guides, reviews & resources: stimulation machines, biofeedback gadgets, weights, cones, wands, pads, pants, books ...

Bladder & Bowel

Puzzled by pelvic floor anatomy and exactly how to improve bladder & bowel control? Learn the best exercises, tricks and health habits...

Living with Prolapse

This can be an overwhelming & confusing diagnosis. Let us help you understand the variations, the implications on your lifestyle and the solutions to get you comfortable quickly.

Wellbeing in Menopause

A great time to re-focus on your pelvic floor, general fitness & future self.

Keeping Healthy & Fit

These articles & videos take a deep-dive into topics like HiiT, Power Walking, strength & conditioning

Mens' Pelvic Health

Help to find & feel your pelvic floor, strategies for post-op leakage and to manage pelvic pain situations.

ProPelvic Pilates

Pilates for your pelvic floor (& everywhere else!). Learn more about best technique, the breathing, how to choose your levels, and how to target the bits that matter most to you....
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