For Current Pupils

This page has useful information for our current pupils to help manage your schedule and answer FAQs:

How can I access my Pilates class schedule?

If you are a current pupil you have a Team Up account which you access with your email and your private password. View or change your schedule, manage your profile and view or make payments.


Note: Some functions are limited on the app

If you are not a current pupil please do not use the links on this website to register an account. Please contact us for further information about class availability and how to join a class or our waiting list.

What is the current timetable?

2024 Schedule of Classes:

Day of the Week Location Time Instructor
Monday Whittlesford 10:30am, 11:45am
7:10pm, 8:15pm
Louise Silk
Amanda Savage
Tuesday Little Shelford
North Cambs Academy
7pm & 8:10pm
7pm & 8:10pm
6pm & 7:10pm
Michelle Mackay
Susanne Guly
Tasha Danischewsky
Wednesday Little Shelford 6pm
7:10pm & 8:20pm
Hannah Bebbington
Lauren Jordan
Thursday ONLINE 6pm Amanda Savage or Susanne Guly
Thursday Whittlesford 7:10pm & 8:20pm Fiona O’Leary
Saturday ONLINE 9.30am Amanda Savage or Maria Dean

Venue Postcodes

The online app shows a map of the venue below each class description


  • Whittlesford Memorial Hall CB22 4NE
  • North Cambridge Academy (Tuesdays): CB4 2JF , drama studio
  • Little Shelford Memorial Hall (Tues & Weds): CB22 5HG, next to Winners Dinners!
  • Whittlesford Memorial Hall CB22 4NE.


How do I reschedule my class?

We appreciate that life can be unpredictable.  Do try to stick to your regular class for continuity with your teacher but we are always delighted to welcome you to any of our other classes if you need to re-arrange your week. Hall classes can be swapped to online classes too.   See our full terms & conditions here.



  • NEW: 90 minute early cancel:  Win-Win.  Cancel your class up to 90 minutes before the start time to gain a credit and give someone else the opportunity to make up a missed class themselves.  Your credit can be used to attend another in-person or online class (subject to availability).


  • You can join a hall class even at the last minute if there is a vacancy. Use the Team UP app to spot vacancies and catch up on your own missed ones or even get ahead if you know you might be away later in the term.
  •  You can join an online class almost last minute but you need to register for an online class more than HALF AN HOUR before the start time to get the automated link.

The class I want to swap to is full – how do I join the waiting list?

  •  If a class has no spaces vacant  you can still click on the class and it will offer for you to go on the waiting list.  2 people can wait per class and 80% of the time they get a place.
  • You will be notified by email when you get a place.  This will be as soon as a vacancy arises. Note this could be a week ahead or up to 90 minutes before the class starts. Do keep an eye out for an email notification, even on the day itself. On the actual day of a class if a vacancy arises you will be sent an email and given a 90 window to respond to take up the space. If you do not respond the place will be offered to the next person waiting.
  • If the wait list is full  it is still worth checking back nearer the time or even on the day to see if  a vacancy comes up.

Where do I find the Library Classes?

All regular Pupils with a montly payment scheme  have access to our library of pre-recorded classes for extra home practice or as a back up if you can’t make your class.  

See the tab “ON DEMAND” in the bottom menu bar of the Team Up App or top menu bar of the Team Up website.

Can I buy my own small equipment and mat?

We recommend having your own mat (but do borrow one of ours if you forget yours!).  Ideally the thicker style or two stacked thin ones.


If we are using small equipment in class we have plenty to borrow (eg small balls, handweights, spiky balls, ova balls and resistance loops).   We also have bigger kit like Magic Circles and Half Foam Rollers for every pupil to use in classes.


However, we know that many pupils now have their own equipment and/or prefer to use their own. Our teacher, Maria Dean, has an online shop with a stylish Jute Yoga Mat (£37.99). 


She also stocks ova balls, spiky balls, weighted balls, resistance loops and magic circles.  If you would like to own your own bits of kit do check out her lovely website:

Where is my Sunday newsletter?

On Sundays I send our community of current pupils a newsletter.  If you can’t find this do check your inbox – they might be getting stuck in your spam folder (or promotions folder if you use Gmail). 


The newsletter usually includes a video and inspiring (or thought-provoking) detail about Pilates.  And of course there will be pelvic health info too!  A little extra nudge each week to keep you caring for your Mind & Body. 


Do feel free to share your newsletter with friends & family.  Or they can sign up to get their own copy straight to their inbox.

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