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Whether you’re a Pilates beginner or an enthusiastic fan, I’m glad you’re here! As a specialist physiotherapist, I know the value of paying attention to your body & mind. I founded PhysioPilates Academy because I believe there are so many ways we can improve our own health & wellbeing through exercise – if we are just taught well and shown how to prevent injury or make modifications to suit our needs.

Amanda x

Our PhysioPilates Teachers are very experienced

  • PhysioPilates was founded in 2002 to offer Cambridge high quality Pilates classes.

  • Our teachers are Chartered Physiotherapists (& personal trainers) who have undertaken extensive further training with the Australian Institute of Physiotherapy & Pilates, APPI.

  • As Chartered Physiotherapists we can offer our clients the highest standard of care and make modifications to take into account individual medical and physical needs.

  • We all have a special interest & expertise in the management and rehabilitation of back & joint problems, common musculoskeletal disorders and pelvic floor issues. 

Our Team of Experts:

Amanda Savage

Amanda Savage

Works independently at South Cambridge Physiotherapy Clinic in Hauxton specialising in women & men’s pelvic health. When she is not busy organising ProPelvic & Pilates things, she aims to play some tennis, walk the elderly Flatcoat, phone the elderly parents & do some GCSE maths with a reluctant teen!

Michelle Mackay

Is also a senior physiotherapist at Arthur Rank Hospice & yoga teacher. Michelle has experience in orthopaedics, rehabilitation after surgery, and postgraduate training in mindfulness. Her Favorite exercises are anything stretchy!
Susanne Guly

Susanne Guly

Leads the neurology team at Addenbrookes Hospital, looking after patients with neurological conditions and those who have undergone neurosurgical procedures (including critically ill patients in intensive care and those who have had back surgery).

Tasha Danischewsky

Tasha has a secret history - before becoming a senior physio at Addenbrookes. She trained in different forms of dance, teaching from a young age. You may spot a little dance-influence in her Pilates classes.

Franziska Amman

Franziska has extensive clinical Pilates training including matwork and reformer. As well as teaching with us she also works as a massage tissue therapist & is training for the New York marathon!

Fiona O’Leary

Works independently at her own physio clinic in Saffron Walden, specialising in women's health & musculo-skeletal rehab.
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