Video Library

Kegel8 Pelvic Floor School:

The videos in this series use clear models to take you through the essential pelvic anatomy and show you a variety of exercises – not just the standard squeeze/let go ones!

TENA Pelvic Floor 101:

Work through this recent series to take your pelvic floor from GCSE to A Level! First finding all the parts of your muscles and learning the 3 classic types of squeeze. Then progressing beyond the basics by practising co-ordinating your breathing.

ProPelvic Pilates

Join me for Pilates with a pelvic floor focus. Each video in this collection has detailed guidance on best technique, breathing control & suggestions of how to level up (or down) depending on your ability. All the exercises I have chosen are back, neck & pelvic floor friendly pilates and avoid overstraining the abdominals.

How to use a stimulation machine:

Are you thinking of trying a pelvic floor muscle stimulation machine? Or wondering if you are using yours correctly? If you are puzzled by the settings, the different electrodes and which programme to use browse the videos in this section for answers to common questions.

Pelvic Health Gadgets & Kit:

Browse this section for product reviews, field guides and “how-to” advice.
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